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Queens Park Rangers

We have maintained QPR FC since 1987.

In 1996 QPR came to an arrangement with Wasps Rugby Club whereby they would play all their first team fixtures at Loftus Road Stadium, this meant the pitch had to withstand much more rigorous usage and it was decided that the stadium would have a new pitch. After looking at various options it was felt that the way forward was to try a new system and this is known as a Desso Pitch.

A Desso Pitch is basically a natural grass field which is reinforced by synthetic fibres. These are implanted some 20cm deep and at 2cm intervals over the entire field. Fibres are left some 2cm proud and after over seeding, and a few weeks to allow for germination the fibres cannot be separated from the natural grasses.

As the grasses are now reinforced and with our various maintenance techniques, the pitch has been a great success and is renowned for its ability to sustain multiple usage. This is highlighted by the fact that it supported usage from both QPR and Fulham during the seasons 2002-2003 and 2003-2004.

A new pitch in just 6 weeks

After 2/3 seasons of heavy usage an organic layer had formed on the pitch, we decided to take this layer off.
First using an Opico Rake we loosened the surface of the pitch.
The top 1 was removed using a Koro machine.
Once again it was raked, so the Desso fibres stand up.
Then after over seeding and fertilizing, the pitch was ready for play after only 6 weeks.